The Data-driven Retail Media Solution.

With our proprietary retail media technology, retailers and FMCG brands generate new data, gain customer insights and optimize ROI.

Unique advantages for retailers and consumer good brands.

Our C.A.P. technology works differently than many other (PoS) media solutions. Its inspiration stems from online advertising and allows FMCG advertisers to receive an unparalleled media performance.

contact based playout

proof of performance

data-driven optimization

GDPR compliant

advertising at PoS

high attention

customer insights

High-quality C.A.P. screens inspire shoppers with FMCG ads in supermarkets



A ground breaking retail medium to get new insights and execute​ effective campaigns.

C.A.P. is an innovative retail media solution, which is based on a proprietary technology. The medium is able to precisely measure and optimize advertising effectiveness offline. Here is how it works:

1. Customer identification

Screen detects customers (shopping cart), 100% anonymous.

2. Playout

Advertising spot starts when customer is in the visual/sound corridor.

3. Data link

Direct linking of shopping cart & seen advertising.

4. Analysis

The generated and linked data streams are analyzed (advertising effectiveness analyses).

5. Targeting

Optionales Feedback und optimierte Ausspielung.


1. Shopperidentifikation

Intelligente C.A.P. Screens identifizieren individuelle Shopper.

2. Spotausspielung

Werbespot startet, wenn der Shopper im Blick-/Soundkorridor ist.

3. Daten-Verknüpfung

Direkte Verknüpfung von Warenkorb & gesehener Werbung.

4. Analyse

Analyse der Kassendaten zur Messung der Performance.
5. Feedback & Optimierte Ausspielung
5. Optimierung

6. Die Zukunft ist Omnichannel

Verknüpfung von Offline- und Onlinedaten für ein umfassendes Kundenverständnis.


The C.A.P. data cycle is the heart of our targeting approach at the PoS.

The C.A.P. data cycle is based on a continuous circle that provides valuable insights for enhanced shopping experience and successful campaign results. Optimizing the customer journey through the intelligent use of data secures long-term relationships with existing and new customers. The process consists of four steps to deliver the highest possible value to consumers, retailers and FMCG brands.

Data Collection and Connection

Generating and connecting data streams (e.g. media, customer & purchase data) as an IoT solution.

Data Analysis

Analysis of collected data to evaluate campaign performance and generate customer insights.

Data Pattern

Identification of clear patterns that promise potential to increase ROI.

Data Targeting

Precise addressing of target groups while minimizing ad waste for greater advertising impact and increased customer experience.


Optimizing the spots' playout strategy based on key drivers of a successful campaign.​​

Various factors influence the success of a marketing campaign. We identify a wide range of such factors to find most impactful drivers for each brand. Eventually, we use identified parameters to boost performance.​

Conversion rates improved by up to 375% through CAP.

Conversion Rate
Bis zu 375% mit optimiertem C.A.P.
Conversion rate durch C.A.P. um bis zu 375% verbessert.
without C.A.P.
with C.A.P.
with C.A.P.







"The Mediaplus study clearly shows the great potential that intelligent, targeted moving image campaigns have at the Point of Sale - for Warsteiner and many other FMCG brands."

Ulf Scholta
Head of Media & Digital
Warsteiner Gruppe

"C.A.P. connects media and purchase data and, thanks to the innovative sound system, enables a direct comparison between shoppers with and without advertising contact in the same store and under the same conditions. Our data impressively proves that moving image advertising is extremely effective at the PoS.“

Lin Christian Neumann
Head of Innovation & Senior Digital Media Planner, Mediaplus

„Thanks to the partnership with Cyreen, we will also be able to offer our customers audiovisual advertising at the PoS. The groundbreaking aspect of C.A.P. is the immediate proof of effectiveness. In combination with a TV campaign, this makes completely new, tailor-made cross-media concepts possible."

Stephan Karrer


Delivering highly effective advertising contacts to unlock maximum performance.

Contact quality is key to allocate budgets efficiently and achieve a significant impact. This is why we have developed four powerful filtering mechanisms to minimize advertising waste in order to create highly effective advertising contacts.​​

We minimize ad-waste with the following four layers:

quality Screens
With sound
Attractive Media Environment

High quality
ad contacts

High quality
ad contacts

Listing Check
Advertising campaigns only on air in stores where products are listed.

Employee Exclusion
Detected staff is excluded from advertising contact count.

No loops - Contact basedA spot is only triggered when shoppers approach the screens to guarantee real contacts.

The playout algorithm of a spot is adjusted based on target group and ad impact.

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