Measurable In-Store Retail Media Technology.

How retailers make their physical space measurable and earn money through retail media using the C.A.P. technology.


Rethink retail: more data, more targeted, more customer experience, more insights, more sales - more retail!

Intelligent media carriers (e.g. large-format monitors) display personalized information and advertising messages to your customers. These monitors are a new digital solution to provide measurable communication channels to better reach your customers, regardless of your current IT infrastructure. We deliver a customized end-to-end solution for measuring touchpoints that meet your specific needs.

C.A.P. technology

Discover the Cyreen technology and its potential.

"Cyreen excels at putting new technologies and concepts into practice. This ability, their entrepreneurial vision and their commitment have consistently led to productive collaboration."
Dr. Tobias Hoffmann
Project Management - Office Vollsortiment national REWE

Benefits for retailers

Data first!
Making success in markets measurable.



The $100 billion media opportunity for retailers.

Top consulting firms see a $100 billion opportunity for media related to retail, with higher margins in media business than in product retail. With the right media strategy, companies can expect to increase EBIT by 30-50%.

This presents an enormous potential for retailers as restructuring retail profits becomes increasingly important under current market conditions. Monetizing market frequency through media and data is an important step towards increasing profitability.

While retail media in the online sector is becoming increasingly prevalent, the potential in brick-and-mortar retail remains largely untapped. Cyreen is changing this with our data-driven retail media technology.

C.A.P. TEchnology

Our solution to the online retail & offline retail gap.

Online retail media impresses with direct measurability and data-based targeting. These possibilities were previously untapped in the offline retail world. Our C.A.P. solution solves this problem by transferring the advantages of the online world to brick-and-mortar retail. Our patent protected solution creates the basis for successful marketing of in-store retail media to advertisers.


The path to measurable and targeted campaigns.

C.A.P. is our innovative retail medium utilizing proprietary technology. Advertisements are presented to customers at a precise and targeted moment in the shopper journey. C.A.P. enables the precise measurment and optimization of offline campaigns.

That's how C.A.P. works:

1. Customer identification

Screen detects customers (shopping cart), 100% anonymous.

2. Playout

Advertising spot starts when customer is in the visual/sound corridor.

3. Data link

Direct linking of shopping cart & seen advertising.

4. Analysis

The generated and linked data streams are analyzed (advertising effectiveness analyses).

5. Targeting

Optional feedback and optimized playout


C.A.P. Impact

The C.A.P. technology turns your audience into profits.

Brick-and-mortar retail  has an enormous shopper penetration as well as valuable first-party data. Our technology is the key to maximizing retailers monetization potential. The core components of our C.A.P. technology include:

- Digital advertising spaces (C.A.P. screens / existing media)
- Measurable advertising results (online known metrics)
- Data-driven targeting (e.g. by time of day, weather)
- Integration of AI

By utilizing these components, we offer outstanding media performances, higher & verifiable ROI for advertisers, and a new & lucrative revenue stream for brick-and-mortar retailers.


Our Internet of Things Ecosystem provides retailers with new insights and new monetization opportunities.

Privacy regulations concerning personal data and affecting the use of third-party data are one of the biggest challenges facing online marketing.

Our C.A.P. technology is GDPR-compliant, allowing brick-and-mortar retailers to generate valuable first-party data while not infringing on personal data privacy. We offer an extensive Internet of Things ecosystem for deeper customer insights.


Advertising campaigns boost sales of both advertised products and related items!

Prominent marketing professors have defined a new methodology that enables Cyreen to measure incremental sales with precise accuracy. In the yoghurt example below, our technology was able to effectively promote a yoghurt brand, leading to a 20% increase in sales for the entire category.



Caffé Latte
Sales-Uplift Yoghurt
Conversion Rate
Bis zu 375% mit optimiertem C.A.P.
Conversion rate durch C.A.P. um bis zu 375% verbessert.


Impactful effects for the retail industry. Academically proven.

Leverage innovative digital signage opportunities in your stores. Diverse studies point out the positive effects for retailers.

Herhausen & Henkel, 2018

Positive influence of Cyreen technology on purchasing behavior

Nielsen & EDEKA, 2010

33% increase in sales due to installation in 220 EDEKA stores

Roggeveen, et al., 2016

Longer shopping time and increased spontaneous purchase rate

Dennis et al., 2010 & 2012

Positive shopping experience

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