5 Benefits for
FMCG Advertisers

FMCG Advertisers benefit from five key technological advantages when running a campaign on C.A.P.

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Pay for what you get

Existing DOOH-platforms play content in never-ending loops, which results in high scatter-losses. We do it the C.A.P. way: A spot is only shown when shoppers approach our intelligent screens. Hence, the C.A.P. system measures how many shoppers get in contact with your campaign – with C.A.P. you only pay for what you get.

Contact-   Based

Proof of Performance:
Impact on Sales

C.A.P. connects shopper data, media data and purchase data to calculate your campaigns' impact. KPI's may be individualized and include conversion rate, sales uplift or ad-impact. Campaign performance may be analyzed for an advertised product, the overall brand or a specific product category.

            Proof Performance

Data-driven Optimization:
Boosting ROI

Based on the findings of our unique data pool, we optimize your campaigns' playout strategy to generate maximum impact. C.A.P. identifies individual factors influencing your advertising performance and smartly takes advantage of the found patterns in your best interest.


Advertising at POS:
First Moment of Truth

The ideal media environment to run your campaign: on the sales area, where shoppers are in buying mood and close to your products. Make sure to leave a lasting impression just seconds before the final purchase decision and thereby, outperform your competition.

       at POS

Maximum Attention:
Play with Sound

C.A.P. developed an inimitable sound technology which allows to
highly target the spots' volume in order to get the shoppers' maximum attention. Simultaneously C.A.P.s' sound technology supports a positive shopper experience.

Maximum   Attention

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